My Opinions On The Anita Blake Series

Best Sex Scenes
  • The first time Anita had sex with Jean-Claude. (Located in Book Six, 'The Killing Dance')
  • The first time Anita has sex with Jason. (Located in Book Eleven, 'Cerulean Sins')

    Favourite Characters
  • Anita - Anita kicks ass. I've read a lot of books, but out of all of them, I think she's my favourite heroine. In a lot of ways, she's my role-model. I like that she's short, in both temper and size (just like me) I like that she wins battles, and loses battles, because it makes both the book and her more real. I like that she still doubts herself, because thats a very human thing. I love that she's assertive, I really admire that. I adore her cynicism, and even agree with a lot of it. And most of all I enjoy her courage and her incredible loyalty. I like the fact that she doesn't just have good points, but flaws as well. It only endears her to me as a reader, more.
  • Jean-Claude - I actually dream about Jean-Claude. He's one of the most sexy, provocative and intriguing characters I have ever come across. Not just because he's a vampire, indeed Master of The City, but just because he is him. He is charming, persistent, and infuriating. I definitely never want him to stop appearing in the books, because, after Anita, I think he really just 'makes' the series.
  • Jason - Jason is so natural and cheeky, how could one resist him? His urge to always go that one step too far makes him amusing to read about, and always makes me style. I think he'd make a good buddy ;)
  • Nathaniel - Nathaniel is one of my favourite characters because I simple cannot resist him. As Anita -politically incorrectly, but truthfully - states, he can double as a pet, when you need to him. He sounds gorgeous and he's quite simply loveable. I just want to cuddle him! Also, I like the idea of a were-leopard, and he is -to me- the coolest one in the Pard.

    Least Favourite Characters
  • Richard.

    Favourite Anita Book
  • Burnt Offerings

    Least Favourite Anita Book
  • Bloody Bones