Merry - Sidhe Princess, newly named co-heir.
Queen Andais (ON-dee-ay-us) - Ruler of the Unseelie Court, Reluctant Aunt to Merry. "She was the Queen of Air and Darkness, and that meant that anything said in the dark was hers to hear, eventually."Merry Gentry, 'A Kiss Of Shadows'
Consort Eamon (AY-mon) - Consort to the Queen, and father of Prince Cel.
Sage - A Demi-fey and once Queen Niceven's favourite lover, but now that she is bound only to make love with her King, he lives with Merry and takes her blood every week as a symbol of the alliance between Merry and Queen Niceven.
Queen Niceven (NIS-ah-ven) - Queen of the demi-fey.
King Taranis - Ruler of the Seelie Court.
Maeve (Goddess Cochenn) + Gordon Reed
Danu (Ultimate Mother) - An old Goddess. She doesn't feature in the books directly, but her name is heard. It is said that the Fae are descended from Danu.
Kurag - The Goblin King
Creeda - The newest Goblin Queen
Keelin - Half brownie, half goblin. Merry's childhood friend. Had three years of being Cel's mistress while Merry was in hiding.
Prince Cel (KEL) - Son of Queen Andais (And her Consort Eamon), and co-heir along with Merry. His Power is the hand of Old Blood. He is a sadist and he really really hates Merry.
Siobhan (SHE-oh-vin) What Doyle once was to the Queen, so Siobhan is to Prince Cel.
Sholto - Part Nightflyer. King of the Sluagh
Kitto - Part Snake Goblin, Part Sidhe. Stays with Merry as a symbol of her six month alliance with the goblins. Sex with her brought him into his Sidhe heritage.
Griffin - One of the Queen's Ravens, and Merry's ex-fiancee.
Barry Jenkins - Reporter that published pictures of the dead body of Merry's Father. Merry's implacable enemy, to the point of her having a restraining order against him. Use of her powers to induce fear in him when she was 18 eventually resulted in him becoming harder and more of an asshole.
Besaba (bet-SHA-ba) - Merry's Mother

Part of the Grey Investigative Agency
Uther - Exiled Jack In Irons.
Jeremy - A Trow, and head of the Agency Merry worked for while in hiding.
Roane - Roane was Merry's lover before the first book. He had survived a fisherman burning the sealskin that allowed him to shapechange, but sex with Merry as she came into her powers restored his sealskin to him, and he is content to have the sea, and not be her lover anymore.

The Nameless - "The Nameless was the worst of both courts, Seelie and Unseelie. It was the last great spell that the two courts had cooperated on. They had stripped themselves of everything too awful, too hungry, to allow us to live in this new country."Merry Gentry, 'A Caress Of Twilight'

Guards as of the very first book
Frost - One of the Queen's Ravens, and often called 'Killing Frost.'
Galen (GAY-len) - Is only a little over a hundred, and thus only about seventy years older than Merry. "Galen was strong, brave, joyous, my friend, and he loved me, but he was also the least politically savvy sidhe I'd ever met. Galen as king would be a disaster."Merry Gentry, 'Seduced By Moonlight'
Rhys (REESE) Appearance: Rhys is short for a full blooded fey, only 5'6, but heavily muscled. He has one eye, tricoloured in shades of blue; the other was lost long ago when he was taken prisoner by the goblins, and didn't know he could negotiate for no physical disfigurements during the sex-play. "His other eye was gone, lost long ago. Sometimes he wore a patch to cover the scars, but once he realized that I didn't mind, he seldom bothered. The scars trailed down his face, but stopped short of his kissable, pouting lips."Merry Gentry, 'Seduced By Moonlight'
Doyle - "His nickname was the Queen's Darkness, or simply Darkness. The Queen would say, 'Where is my Darkness? Bring me my Darkness,' and this meant that soon someone would bleed, or die. But now, strangely, he was my Darkness."Merry, 'A Caress Of Twilight' Appearance: He has very black skin, so black that he shows as a dark shadow in a pitch dark roo. His black hair reaches to at least his ankles. "He wasn't black the way a human being is black, but more the way a dog is black. - - - His skin gleamed with blue highlights,---"Merry Gentry, 'Seduced By Moonlight' He has slightly pointed ears. "The ears showed that he was not full high court, but a bastard mix like myself."Merry Gentry, 'A Kiss Of Shadows' His livery is the spider.

The new Guards (As of 'Seduced by Moonlight')
Onilwyn - Cel's friend.
Amatheon - Supports Cel simply because he is the last pure blood descendant of the line of Unseelie Monarchs. Wary of Merry because she is at least half mortal.
Usna (OOSH-na) - Thanks to an enchantment being cast upon his mother, Usna is in some way part cat. This extends to his arch, secretive personality.
Abloec (Ab-LOCK) - Abloec reacts to not being allowed to have sex by being addicted to everything. Drugs, alcohol, ciggarettes... basically, you name it, he's addicted to it. Merry's father kept Abloec far FAR away from Merry during her youth.
Brii - Was a minor flower/tree deity.
Barinthus Appearance: His hair is a variety of blues, his skin the same 'alabaster white' of Merry's. "His eyes were blue, but the pupils were slits of black. I knew for a fact that he had a clear membrane like a second eyelid that came up over his eyes when he was under water. When I was five he taught me how to swim, and I'd loved the fact that he could blink twice with one eye."Merry Gentry, 'A Kiss Of Shadows' He is nearly seven feet tall, and the space between his fingers is webbed. "He had webbing between his fingers and he had been sensitive about it ever since a reporter in the fifties had called him 'the fish man.'"Merry Gentry, 'A Kiss Of Shadows'

Dead by the hand of flesh
Nerys (Ner-IS)
Pasco (PASSco) + Rozenwyn

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