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Beautiful Mistake

Sunday, 27 February 2005

Spiritual Speculation
Mood:  special
Disclaimer: This entry is about religion/spiritual beliefs. MY beliefs. Everything here is based on MY opinions. If you don't agree with them, thats fine. If you think you will be offended - don't read on. If you read on and get offended - well, I warned you.

Last night I lay in bed and thought far too hard about far too many things, until eventually my mind started to clear, and I started to phisophise instead. And eventually what I came up with was this:
I don't believe that God has any one true face, anymore than I can believe god has any one true gender. I think god appears in many forms, and every form is part of god, but not... not, the essence the pure truth and presence of god. I don't believe we could ever see that as we are, unless we are in the afterlife, because God is so many different things. God is beauty and ugliness, male and female, the truth we love, and the truth we don't want to see. God, like nature, has many sides, and seeing them all at once is impossible.

I think, we give a part of ourselves to god, the part that ties god to us, and to this world, and I think in return, each of us carries a part of god in us. The part that keeps us going on when we feel we have nothing left. The part that can look at something and choose to see a spot of beauty wehere they could instead see only ugliness. The part of us that we could call a soul, or our higher self.

It connects us. We connect each other, human to go, to earth, the three things are entertwined. Maybe it's true, what they say when they wish to comfort you, perhaps none of us are ever truly alone, we just haven't become aware enough of those other parts of us to see it yet.

Posted by thesebeautifulscars at 5:00 PM

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