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Beautiful Mistake

Saturday, 6 November 2004

The Big Bangs
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: That song that goes "It's getting hot in here" by Nelly
I don't really mind fireworks. They don't inspire in me now the same awe and excitement that they did when I was a little kid, but I still think some of them are gorgeous. I don't like the loud noise most of them make, but anyway, thats not my point. My point is, fireworks are too easy to come by, and not everyone is responsible with them. I think fireworks should be available only to authorised people for the purpose of a big firework show (free or not, whatever) that is properly supervised, and that people can come and see, and be amazed. I don't think they should be available to the general public, or let off on the beach or the back lawn. I'm saying - don't banish them, reduce and control them. It's more fun when theres a crowd watching in a big field and hot dogs and glows to buy anyway, right?

The thing is, not just people getting hurt, but pets. And not just hurt, but terrified. I have a cat, and the last couple of days I have made him stay in at night, worried that some maniac would think it was a good idea to tie a cracker to his tail or something. But I never realized that fireworks aren't just dangerous to pets - they scare the willies out of them. And that upsets me. A few pretty lights is not worth finding my pet cowering behind the dvd racks, agitated and shivering. He crawled into the bed with me because he felt too vulnerable crouched on the end of the bed the way he normally sleeps. And I let him, because I was worried about him. And I was worried about the pets whose owners don't care, or simply don't realize that big booms, and exploding lights in the sky don't thrill cats and dogs and ducks etc the way they do humans. From now on, they don't thrill me much, either.

Posted by thesebeautifulscars at 12:01 AM

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