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Beautiful Mistake

Tuesday, 21 September 2004

I think certain concepts have passed me by.
Mood:  blue
So, I've been thinking. I went to the doctor today, and questioned him about the huge angry lump that has sprung up on my back where he dug out a mole. He told me not to worry, it was just a Kenoid, which is excess tissue. Then he said he wouldn't like to operate on me, since that will happen everytime. Apparently it will start looking better in two to three years. Heh, won't be wearing a bikini top for a while. Anyway, what made me start thinking was that he was a bit puzzled, because according to him, it's unusual for a white person to be a kenoider. He said "It mostly happens to negroes" It was odd, because I thought, "to what? oh... black people." And thats whats weird to me. These labels. The political correctness that only emphasizes our perceived differences. Grouping people like that seems dodgy to me. I mean, you can group people like, 'those people like to read, and that group of people need coffee before you talk to them in the morning' but putting people into groups of 'those are white people and those are black people' seems irrelevant to me, because it doesn't illuminate anything about them, it doesn't really tell me who they are, or what they are like. I like to write, and I have a quick temper, those things are part of who I am, the things that make me, me. Without them, I swouldn't be me. But if the only difference was that I had darker skin, I'd still be me, the same person I am now. So why do people need to make an issue of it? Why stereotype people by the colour of their skin? It doesn't change who the are inside, whether they are good or kind or compassionate, or anything of those things. All it does is put a wall up between you, and some people that you might like, if you looked beneath the skin that is a different colour from yours.

Black people, white people, yellow people, purple people, green people... the important word is 'people'.

Posted by thesebeautifulscars at 8:42 PM

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