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Authors I can't get enough of:
Cornwell, Patricia

Eddings, David and Leigh

Hamilton, Laurell K.

Herriot, James - I was sad to discover that James Herriot aka James Alfred (Alf) Wight, is now dead. For those interested, here is his Obituary He was a country vet for many years and he was the author of several hugely amusing and highly touching novels about his experiences. If you have never read one, I highly recommend you give his works a try.

Heyer, Georgette - She was with Ngaio Marsh and Agatha Christie in setting the trend for mysteries in that era, but is better known for her historical romances. Her gift is in creating characters that truly sparkle. From her Historical Romances, my favourites are 'The Grand Sophy' & then 'Lady of Quality'. Also check out 'These Old Shades' & 'Devil's Cub' which are linked. From her mysteries, my favourites are 'Death in the stocks' & then 'Envious Casca' & then 'The Unfinished Clue'.

Kellerman, Jonathan - The Alex Delaware Mysteries - I've just read two of these; I'm not easy to please, but I am hooked. The main character is a psychologist who works with the police and it gives him a unique viewpoint. The mysteries are complicated, but never fail to be interesting, and the suspects are plentiful and intriguing. ... Right, I'm off to read another. :)

Mercedes Lackey

McCaffrey, Anne

Pratchett, Terry
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    Roberts, Nora aka J.D. Robb

    Susanna Gregory, author of the Matthew Bartholomew books.

    Authors Definitely Worth Trying
    Billingham, Mark

    Bishop, Anne

    Bradford, Barbara Taylor

    Butler, Gwendoline

    Christie, Agatha

    Feehan, Christine

    Gerritsen, Tess

    Greeley, Andrew M.

    Harris, Charlaine

    Johansen, Iris

    Kellerman, Faye - The Rina Lazarus & Detective Peter Decker mysteries I like some of these books more than others. Two I really recommend are 'Stalker' and 'The Ritual Bath" One of things I really like in these books is Rina's Jewish faith and Decker's struggles with it. Adds new depth.

    Krenz, Jayne Ann

    Lawrence, Martha C. - Her books are mysteries and her heroine is a psychis private investigator. She handles the psychic part amazingly well - it's very believable and easy to relate to; not in the least overdone.

    Marsh, Ngaio

    Reichs, Kathy

    Rowe, Jennifer

    White, Stephen

    Wingfield, R.D

    Series (This is where I have really liked a series of books but the author has written several more books/series that I haven't checked out -or haven't liked- so these go here instead of the other lists)
    The Darkwood and Haven books, particuarly, 'Blood and Honor','Blue Moon Rising', & 'Beyond the Blue Moon' by Simon R. Green. His 'Shadows Fall' is also very good.

    Sara Douglas - Sara Douglass is an immensely talented author and in this case, the only reason she isn't in my top author list is because she's written so many books I haven't read. But let me just say, you have not lived if you haven't read the Axis series and it's sequel series The Wayfarer Redemption. If you want to give her writing a small taste, a standalone book of hers I really liked was Threshold.

    'Lucky Santangelo' series (particuarly 'Lucky' , 'Chances' & 'Dangerous Kiss') by Jackie Collins

    'A song of fire and ice' fantasy series by George R. R. Martin

    'The Farseer Trilogy' & it's sequel series, 'The Tawny Man' trilogy - Robin Hobb

    The Jack Fleming series by P.N. Elrod

    Books, rather than authors
    'Spellbound' and 'Babyville' - Jane Green

    e. - Matt Beaumont - This book consists of emails back and forth between various members of an advertising company with LOTS of problems. Irreverent, gripping, and hilarious! (And I just found out there's a sequel! W00t!)

    'Beauty' - Sherri S. Tepper

    Suggestions (Authors that aren't my favourites but that I think are talented. After all, just because *I* don't feel like reading their stuff right now -I have phases- doesn't mean you won't find your next favourite author in the list.)
    Robert Asprin
    Marion Zimmer Bradley
    Janet Evanovich &/or Charlotte Hugues
    Linda Fairstein
    Christiane Heggan
    Ian Rankin
    Candace Robb
    Peter Robinson
    Robin Cook (Medical Thrillers) - Focused more on plot than character.
    Janet Evanovich
    Tami Hoag
    Tom Holt
    David Gemmel
    Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

    Would you like to see a list of the books I have read in the past?

    Or perhaps you'd like to have a gander what I have read lately...

    Or you could go back to the Main Menu and see what else I have to offer :)