Note: While I have read the whole series, some of you may not have, and I don't want to spoil it for you, so while I might say a person is deceased, I won't say in which book, or possibly not at all, depending on the circumstances. So don't think I'm slacking off, I simply don't want to spoil terrific books for you.

Edward - The Vampires call Edward 'Death.' He used to be a assassin of humans, but they ceased to be a challenge, so now he hunts monsters. He is a clear-cut example of a sociopath. He has several other identities, one of them 'Ted Forrester, Bounty Hunter.' It is in this indentity that he is courting Donna Parnell.
Donna Parnell - A widow with two children. Her husband was attacked and killed by a werewolf. She owns a shop that sells psychic paraphernalia. She is crazy in love with 'Ted' (Edward) and has no idea what his real identity/personality is.
Becky Parnell - The younger girl, happy-go-lucky; adores Edward.
Peter Parnell
Olaf - Olaf was featured in 'Obsidian Butterfly', and is expected to return looking for Anita in another book. His hobbies include raping, chopping up, and murdering women. He is... disturbing, to say the least.

Police etc
Dolph aka Sergeant Rudolph Storr. - Heads up the R.I.P.T. Has a wife, and two kids, one of which is involved with a vampire, leading dolph to have a growing grudge against the 'monsters'.
Jessica Arnet - A police Officer who finds Nathaniel almost irresistable.
Clyde Perry - African-American. A very, very polite man.
Zebrowski - Is basically Dolph's second in command. He is much more moderate in his attitude towards the monsters, though he does have an annoying habit of calling Jean-Claude 'Count Dracula.' He has a wife, Katie, and children. It continually amazes his colleagues that he ever attached a delicate and feminine woman like Katie, as he is, to put it politely, a cheerful Lech.
Ronnie - "Veronica (Ronnie) Sims was a Private Detective and my best friend. We worked out together at least once a week, usually on Saturday mornings."Anita, 'Burnt Offerings' As of the seventh book, she is having a relationship (or at least, lots of sex) with were-rat Louie Fane.
Detective O'Brien
Detective Freemount
FBI Bradley
Detective Tammy Reynolds - Tammy is a Christian Witch, and frighteningly close to a zealot, at least in Anita's eyes, although she has calmed down since Larry came into her life.

Bert - Bert is the manager of Animators Inc, where Anita works. He was owner, but most of the workers have now bought a share, including Anita. His world revolves around making money - at almost any price.
Lawrence Kirkland aka Larry - Is a co-worker/apprentice of Anita's and is shaping up to be a powerful Animator. His ultimate goal is to be a Vampire Executioner, but he's not a shooter. He seems frighteningly young and naive to Anita. He is set to marry Detective Tammy Reynolds.
Jamieson - An animator of lesser power than Anita or Larry, and one who things Vampires are just 'people with fangs'.
John Burke

Jean-Claude - Master Of The City, one third of the Trinumerate, and Anita's Lover.
Asher - Asher is Jean-Claude's Second In Command. They were once lovers, along with Ashers Human Servant Julianna, and travelled together for Twenty Years. Julianna was burned as a witch while Jean-Claude was away visiting his dying mother, and Asher was tortured by having holy water dripped upon him, slowly. One side of his face and body is heavily scarred. We think, but are not certain that he is fully functional sexually. He first appeared in person in 'Burnt Offerings.'
Damien - Damien has somehow become a Vampire version of a human servant, and serves Anita.
Belle Morte - The founder of Jean-Claude and Ashers line. She has the incubus within her, and believes herself to be the most desirable woman in the world. She is ruthless.
Liv - An unpleasant Vampire around six hundred years old. She wants to get in Jean-Claude's pants, and is jealous of Anita for holding his interest.
The Traveller - The Traveller has an eerie ability to possess the body of other Vampires. Sexually, he only likes men, particuarly his Human Servant, Balthasar.
Padma (Master of the Beasts) + Fernando

Anita's Pard
Gabriel - Was alpha and leader of the pard, who he shamelessly exploited. He was into sado-masochism, and many other things.
Nathaniel - Is everybody's victim.
Elizabeth - Is the only were-leopard to resent Anita taking over the pack. She was in love with Gabriel, and in fact was the one who changed him into a were-animal.
Cherry - Is not a fighter, and can't be relied on to stand up under torture, but she is excellent in medical crises, having been a nurse.
Vivian - The least dominant of all of them, except for perhaps Nathaniel. Later begins a relationship with werewolf Stephen.
Gregory - Has a twin brother called Stephen, who is a werewolf.

Micah's Pard
Merle - Micah's bodyguard and somewhat of a second in command. Very much a pessimist.
Noah - Micah's bodyguard
Gina - Was terribly tortured, and bears the scars, especially emotionally.
Violet - Micah's Pard's version of Nathaniel.
Caleb - Irritating. Like's to push people to see how far they will let him go. Has lots of piercings, which since they are silver and therefore burn into his skin, is rather masochistic.

The Rats
Rafael - The leader. Has an ex-wife and a son in his past. Is a good friend to Anita, they have saved one another more than once. Friend to Richard but agree's with Anita that Richard's leadership tactics need work.
Lillian - Is a doctor, and is seen patching people up quite a lot. Middle-aged, and emminently sensible.
Louie - A Biology Professor, and Richard's best friend. Also, Ronnie's paramour.
Claudia - Tall, muscular, and scary. A Bodyguard that Rafael has sent to guard Anita more than once.
Bobby Lee - Exageratedly southern, a no-nonsense bodyguard. Rafael has set him to guardAnita more than once.

The Lukoi (Wolves)
Richard's Pack
Richard - The Ulfric, which means Leader. He wants to take the pack in a less violent, more democratic direction.
Raina - The old Ulfric's Girlfriend. Also appears as one of the Munin.
Marcus - The Ulfric before Richard.
Jamil - Enforcer
Neil - Random werewolf, appears in 'The Killing Dance'
Sylvie - Richard's second in command. Blunt, and ruthless. Also, a lesbian.
Gwen - A psychologist, and Sylvie's girlfriend.
Jacob - A contender for the position of Ulfric. First appears in Narcissus In Chains.
Shang Da - An Enforcer

Swan Prince - Kasper

Swan King - Reece (Appeared in 'Narcissus In Chains')